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EFFECTIVE Natural Options for Bacterial Infections 101

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With each passing day, antibiotic resistant bacteria is becoming a massive risk. Standard medical care usually only offers antibiotics and surgery, but there are more options than you are being told about.

After years of helping others battle antibiotic resistant bacterial infections, I created a detailed video to help you understand what you should and shouldn't do to fight resistant infections.


If you are on the endless merry-go-round of infection, antibiotics, reinfection, and more antibiotics, then the e-book, SURVIVE & THRIVE, YOUR 4 STEP RECOVERY ROADMAP TO CONQUERING BACTERIAL INFECTIONS might be right for you. It's a downloadable in-depth e-guide that walks you through the many options available to recover from infections and antibiotic damage. 




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Hi I'm Maya!

I've been a health coach and wellness writer for four years but it wasn't until my little one became infected with an antibiotic resistant type of staph infection that I truly understood how dangerous bacterial infections can be.

That's when I started digging deep into natural alternatives to antibiotic resistant bacteria. It took three months, but I finally found a cure for her infection! 

It wasn't long before my health coaching became flooded with clients facing a variety of infections, I began to exclusively focus on natural options for antibacterial infections. 

I'm excited to be able to offer a variety of thoroughly researched resources to get you off the antibiotic merry-go-round and get your life back!

If you need some serious hand holding, my full attention to your case, and super customized information tailored to your needs then one-on-one coaching might be right for you. I help frustrated and tired families recover their lives and learn step-by-step techniques to battle your infection in a whole new way...from a health coach who's been there.

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effective natural options for bacterial infections 101

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  • Why antibiotics often make the problem worse
  • Why you need a plan to recover from the antibiotics if you want to truly heal
  • The lifestyle factors that contribute to reinfection 
  • The science backed herbs, essential oils, and nutrition supplements that can kill even the most dangerous of bacteria

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