Ready to to get off the antibiotic

Let me help you recover your wellness with one-on-one coaching, customized information, and take you from struck and frustrated to empowered and well. 

Why Choose one-on-one coaching?

You get eight weeks of dedicated help

My coaching program is exclusively dedicated to helping families with MRSA, C-Diff, Staph, and other serious bacterial infections. As a health coach who's personally dealt with MRSA, I understand the frustration, the limited traditional options, and the desperation families feel when one of the many types of bacterial infections turn their world upside down. My job is to help you recover your wellness and empower you. 

Customized Information

The biggest benefit with coaching is the dedicated attention. I listen to your story, look at your history, learn about your unique situation and only then do I offer custom information and resources tailored to your unique needs. This saves you months of doing your own research. I can answer questions and direct you to the solutions you need. From there I check in on you weekly, I adjust, add to, and tweak the information as needed based on YOUR unique situation. This can be the difference between frustration and healing. 

Long term prevention strategy

Recovering from the initial infection is only half the battle. Bacterial infections often return, and can return even more invasive than before. Most of my clients come to me after realizing traditional medical care offers little more than a lifetime of health damaging antibiotics and barbaric option like bleach baths.

With my one-on-one coaching we talk about effective prevention strategies, as well as complementary lifestyle factors that can stack the deck in your favor. 

We also cover how to respond to a new infection to minimize the spread and handle it BEFORE it gets out of control. 

Antibiotic recovery

Most people with serious infections have been through rounds of intense antibiotics. While antibiotics are some times necessary they can be extremely damaging to the gut microbiome. The balance between good bacteria and bad is severely affected and antibiotics often leave the patient very vulnerable to new infections. 

I give you a custom resources and information to recover your gut health and boost your immune system. This strengthens your body, prevents much of the antibiotic damage, and helps you recover your wellness. 

Manage side effects from infections & antibiotics

Did you know many infections and the resulting antibiotics can have a massive effect on the rest of your health. I often see new cases of food intolerance, eczema where there never was, new yeast overgrowth, new fungal infections, persistent brain fog, and even autoimmune disorders, all linked to both the infection and the traditional treatments. 

That's why I spend eight full weeks with you, to make sure we've addressed all aspects of your recovery. I work with you to incorporate lifestyle changes designed to get you well again.

What Clients Are Saying

"Maya's wealth of knowledge literally saved my life... when I received a devastating diagnosis Maya's information and resources allowed me to create a healing protocol and since making all the changes I've completely recovered (plus no relapse!). Maya's programs are everything you need to know to bring back your wellness."

Krissy G. - Elementary Teacher, Mom of two

"Maya is so dedicated to her clients it's unbelievable. She has so much knowledge it would take me years to research what she knows off the top of her head. Having her as a health coach has been one the best decisions I've made."

Brad M. - Commercial Airline Pilot

Hi I'm Maya!

I'm a Certified Health Coach, Certified (medicinal use) Essential Oil Coach (no MLM or brand affiliations), trained in medical herbalism and dedicated to helping YOU recover your wellness.

I've been a health coach and wellness writer for many years but it wasn't until I personally faced an antibiotic resistant staph infection that I truly understood how dangerous bacterial infections can be.

That's when I started digging deep into natural alternatives to antibiotic resistant bacteria. It took three MONTHS, but I finally found a cure solution (the FDA doesn't like the word "cure" so I'll just call it a solution) for the infection! 

Once I freely shared my findings, it wasn't long before my health coaching became flooded with clients facing a variety of infections, that's when I began to exclusively focus on natural options for antibacterial infections. 

Now, as someone who has been there, I'm so excited to be able to offer a variety of thoroughly researched resources to get you off the antibiotic merry-go-round and get your life back

So please check out the free resources like my Quick Guide to Understanding Bacterial Infections, the Shopping Resources Page, my in-depth free video training Natural Options 101, and my premium resources like my Survive & Thrive Guide

Much love,


What's Included

  • Eight weeks of in depth coaching including weekly calls via skype/phone (for very busy families some of the meetings can be email check-ins)
  • A detailed packet of targeted information designed to help you create your own targeted protocol.
  • Written reports outlining all recommendations and what we discuss so you have easy references.
  • Weekly check-ins via phone/Skype (as you prefer) to discuss progress and to adapt the protocol as needed based on the infection.
  • Most families design a protocol for themselves that typical includes a multi-pronged approach including the topical remedy, herbal antibiotics, antibacterial focused hygiene care, and environmental factors that may be causing reinfection.
  • Weekly availability via text and email for quick questions. 
  • A specialty training to go over the best current information to heal and repair the gut in order to reduce the likelihood of reinfection and stabilize the immune system.
  • A followup training to go over how to care for your body long term to reduce the likelihood of reinfection. We also talk about spotting fresh infections and how to react if a new infections appears.
  • And of course my job is to facilitate recovery and make sure your family feels confident about how to go forward long term.

Your investment in yourself...

only $1997 for EIGHT weeks of support!


Payment plans are available. 

The true cost of illness...

  • Lost work days
  • Costly treatments that go nowhere
  • "Vacation time" spent sick
  • Frustration, stress, and lost sleep
  • Missing out on family events
  • Feeling self conscious and embarrassed
  • Frayed relationships and frequent fights
  • Endless co-pays, specialty visits, and hassle
  • Long nights Googling, searching, and considering "what-ifs"
  • Feeling like there is no end to this cycle of infections, antibiotics, and more infections

or choose one-on-one coaching

For the same price of a decent couch, a good mattress or a small family vacation you can gift yourself...

  • A huge sigh of relief knowing you are in good hands and being helped by someone who "gets it".
  • Having someone actually listen and understand what your family is going through.
  • Getting a thorough plan that's customized just for you.
  • Weekly check-ins to answer all your questions and give you tons of tips. 
  • Years of knowledge and research on speed dial, have quick question, just text me.
  • Get step-by-step information on gut healing, antibiotic recovery, and more.
  • Learn first hand how to avoid new infections and what to stop new infections in their tracks.
  • Know exactly what to do around your home to avoid getting reinfected.
  • Take back your nights and enjoy your family. 
  • Feel confident because now you know how to fight bacterial infections like a PRO.
  • Get YOUR wellness back!

Limited spots available.
Book a FREE Coffee Chat!

Here's the deal, I LOVE what I do, but this kind of coaching is intense, emotions are high, and it takes a lot of time and dedication to help you get back on track. Since I'm completely dedicated to your recovery for eight weeks, I ONLY open coaching to a few people each month. 

This allows me to be dedicated and focused on YOUR healing. 

If this sounds right for you email me at or fill in the blanks below so we can have a free 15 minute Coffee Chat by phone and figure out if this is the best way to help you recover. I will follow up within two business days to schedule our chat. Talk soon!




*Please note because of liability issues I cannot offer case specific advice without the client coaching agreement of a formal coaching relationship.

DISCLAIMER: As a legal disclaimer it's important for me to note that as a Certified Health Coach I am not a medical doctor or licensed medical professional, none of my opinions are to be taken as medical advice, and you are encouraged to consult with a licensed medical professional. The information on this website or related materials has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

Always consult a medical professional before making any health care related decisions.

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