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  • #1: Understand your infection so can FINALLY conquer it.
  • #2: Why antibiotics are a potential  nightmare that can often make everything much worse.
  • #3: The science backed foods, supplements, and alternatives that can kill even the most serious bacteria.
  • #4: Learn about the simple food that is budget friendly and potently antibacterial.
  •  #5: I'm a health coach who specializes in helping people just like you conquer their infections, because I've personally been there and understand what you are going through.

~ 5 game-changing keys You'll Get From This
game-changing Video class ~

#1: Understand Your Infection so you can FINALLY conquer it

Bacterial infections are no joke. It's critical that you understand HOW they function so you know exactly what works and what will give them the advantage.

#2: why antibiotics are often a nightmare that CAN make everything worse

Did you know bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics in just ONE cycle! Antibiotics are one of few options modern medicine uses against bacterial infections. Unfortunately antibiotics can make it MUCH harder for your body to fight and make future infections MUCH more likely...leading to more antibiotics. I call this the antibiotic merry-go-round and my job is to help you get off.

#3: The science backed Natural Options than can DESTROY infections

Did you know that there are dozens of scientifically supported foods, herbs, and essential oils that can kill even the worst types of bacterial infections. They key is understanding how to choose the best combination for you, and using these substances strategically. 

#4: My favorite recipe that is budget FRIENDLY and super effective

What if I told you there is a food that is inexpensive and incredibly effective. In this video I'll share that food and the recipe I use to it easy to take. 

#5: The next steps on your journey toward healing

Did you know many people will get another infection within months of  their antibiotics? Why do so many people report new cases of eczema, brain fog, mood swings, and illness after antibiotics? Did you know that antibiotics can make you more vulnerable to infections? I'll explain how to take the next steps on your wellness journey so you can heal from your infection AND address all these concerns. 

plus get the popular topical ANTIBACTERIAL recipe!

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Hi I'm Maya!

I've been a health coach and wellness writer for several years but it wasn't until my little one became infected with an antibiotic resistant type of staph infection that I truly understood how dangerous bacterial infections can be.

That's when I started digging deep into natural alternatives to antibiotic resistant bacteria. It took three months but I finally found a the formula for her particular infection! 

It wasn't long before my health coaching became flooded with clients facing a variety of infections and so I began to exclusively focus on natural options for antibacterial infections. 

I'm excited to be able to offer a variety of thoroughly researched resources to get you off the antibiotic merry-go-round and get your life back!


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  • How bacteria function and why they are so hard to eradicate.
  • Why antibiotics often make the problem worse.
  • Why you need a plan to recover from the antibiotics if you want to truly heal.
  • The science backed herbs, essential oils, and nutrition supplements that can kill even the most dangerous of bacteria.
  • There is absolutely NO FLUFF in this 45+ minute video masterclass. It’s designed to give you a crash course introduction into the world of natural antibacterials!
  • Plus get the POPULAR printable antibacterial recipe guide for topical infections! 

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