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Natural Remedy for Staph Infection: A DIY Topical that Works

Antibiotic resistant bacterial infections are on the rise and getting much harder to treat with antibiotics. I am a holistic health coach on a mission to help people just like you conquer their infections. This is my story of helping my little one battle an antibiotic resistant infection and the natural remedy for staph infection that I created to finally heal her.

Learn the Natural Remedy for Staph Infection: A DIY Topical Natural Cure that Works

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My little one had been exceedingly healthy (she didn’t have her first real cold until she was about five, and even then it only lasted a few days), I credit her vibrant health to our low toxin lifestyle and nutrient dense organic diet.

But when she was four she had ended up with a painful urinary tract infection (this is common in newly potty trained girls).

Her integrative pediatrician knew my desire to avoid antibiotics (until this point she had never had a single round) but he explained the concerns with it spreading to her kidneys, and she was so young it was hard to stay on top of how she felt. He assured me that we could start a gut healing protocol right afterward. I was glad that he understood the need to help her heal from the antibiotics so I agreed that for now a round of antibiotics was the best course of action.

As an aside, if it had been me I probably would have opted for one of the many natural options available to treat urinary tract infections but in small kids it’s so hard for them to accurately communicate how they are feeling. The option to use antibiotics seemed a reasonable compromise considering her age and the type of infection, but it wouldn’t be without consequences.

She began the antibiotics which quickly got rid of the UTI. While she was still on the course of antibiotics, we had noticed she had started getting these tiny red bumps. At first I thought nothing of it, I thought perhaps she brushed up against something at the park.

I figured the bumps would go away after her antibiotics were over. They didn’t.

Within a few days the bumps went from tiny pimple-like red bumps in three spots on her chest to deep wine covered blisters with a colony of angry red bumps surrounding each one. I was horrified at both the speed and the severity.


Little one was immediately taken to in to see her integrative pediatrician.

He swabbed her lesions and confirmed she had a staph infection.

At that point it was only on her skin, not systemic (inside her body), but it was moving fast.

By the end of that day she was covered from neck to ankles in itchy angry red dots.

We agreed she needed yet ANOTHER course of antibiotics to avoid a systemic infection.

This is how it happens, this is how the endless rounds of antibiotics begin for so many people. 

But this was serious and I didn’t have the luxury of time to do research and figure our what might work. We needed to stop the infection immediately. So I agreed to more antibiotics.


This time she was given a 10-day course of antibiotics (her second ever round of antibiotics).

At day four that I started to see a change for the better. The poor kid had been in so much agony, itching almost non-stop, unable to sleep, and generally miserable. I felt relief, it was going to be okay.

By day ten the lesions were gone but now she had suddenly developed eczema (she had never experienced any eczema-like symptoms).

She also had a candida overgrowth, noticeable in her mouth and body. Her pediatrician attributed this to the antibiotics which had damaged her healthy bacteria. The healthy bacteria that keep naturally occurring fungus like candida at bay.

Her pediatrician gave me a serious gut rebuilding protocol to follow and doubled little one’s probiotics.

He also recommended treating her skin with diluted essential oils to help little one recover from the candida and soothe the eczema.


What we know now is that the first round of antibiotics created an imbalance of her skin microbiome.

If you weren’t aware we have colonies of both good and bad bacteria not just in our gut but also on our skin and likely everywhere else too.

So her skin microbiome took a big hit, and this allowed the staph bacteria to take over.

She (like most people) likely had this staph bacteria on her skin for a while, but being healthy she never had a problem, her healthy microbiome had likely kept the harmful bacteria in check…until those antibiotics.

Keep in mind this is a kid who eats nothing but organic and tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. She get very little sugar and takes high-quality probiotics (and probiotic rich foods) and nutrient dense whole-food based supplements.

I can’t imagine how bad this would have been for a typical child eating pesticide laden junk/processed food. I’m not saying that as a judgment, that’s not what this is about. When we know better, we do better.

As parents we do our best and in a world of confusing marketing and endless unhealthy options it takes a LOT of effort to live a healthy lifestyle.  But in my opinion a healthy lifestyle is well wort the extra effort.

Natural Remedy for Staph infection and MRSA

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About a week after the antibiotics were stopped the infection came back. Those tiny red dots menacing me for a second round.

I can’t articulate how horrified I was to see that after all that the infection came back.

Another chat with her pediatrician and he acknowledged that many infections, including this one, were resistant to antibiotics.

By now I had begun doing research and had some ideas of what might work.

The infection was still in the tiny dot stage, I knew from the last battle that I had about three days before it got serious. I asked our pediatrician if he was agreeable to letting me attempt to tackle this naturally. I had good science backed research that supported a variety of essential oils, herbs, and other natural therapies. He agreed but on the condition of daily reporting and photos.

He explained hat if the natural therapies failed we would have to do another round of stronger antibiotics.

We also discussed what symptoms to look out for, when to seek medical care, and so on.

Having seen what the first two rounds did to my little one I had a lot of pressure on me to succeed.

In truth I was extremely lucky to have had medical support for my natural protocol. I was supported in my search for a solution, my concerns were listened to…most patients do not have this luxury.


By now I knew the antibiotics had caused the problem and were clearly not going to fix it.

Over the next few months I tried EVERYTHING to get my little one back to 100 percent.

Luckily everything I tried (while narrowing down THE final solution) kept the infection at bay, the dots remained in sparse patches but they didn’t grow in size or depth.

First I started with Manuka honey which helped but didn’t cure her.

Then I moved on to diluted apple cider vinegar baths which made a HUGE difference, but as soon as the baths stopped the infection came roaring back (I could literally see the dots would begin to spread over a 24 hour period)

So I knew the vinegar baths would be our safety net, but not potent enough by themselves to kill off the infection.

Next it was bentonite clay packs which helped to soothe the angry itchy skin and provided so much relief to little one, but again no permanent fix.

I mixed an herbal antibiotic of cryptolepis with the blessing of her pediatrician. The cryptolepis tincture greatly reduced the dots and kept them from spreading but again not a final solution.

I should say I gauged success by stopping the apple cider vinegar baths for two to three days and then tried a new option. I took photos morning and night to determine success or failure.

With the cryptolepis tincture the dots were greatly reduced in number but didn’t completely go away, a few sparse clusters hung on.

know the cryptolepis helped because as soon as we stopped using it she had another fast spread of the dots within 24 hours. Back to the baths we went and again the dots were substantially reduced, but still hung around. So we knew it was helping, but it wasn’t the long-term solution we needed either.

I should add that every person is different, every infection different, each person will see different results.

Bacteria are VERY adaptable, and so it’s important to find the solution that works for you.

By the way, I cover all this in more detail in my premium Survive & Thrive, Your 4 Step Recovery Roadmap Ebook.

Natural Remedy for staph infection and MRSA, cures that work

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While I was experimenting with everything above, and still using the successes as ongoing treatments to keep things under control I was also creating essential oils mixes to apply topically.

At her doctor’s suggestion I started with just tea tree tree oil mixed in avocado oil at a 1% dilution (1 drop per teaspoon), but that didn’t do much.

So I went into mad scientist mode. I stayed up late night after night reading about the chemistry of various oils and researching staph. I am now a certified essential oil coach with in depth knowledge about the science of oils, but at that time it was late nights, textbooks, and PubMed.

Everything was made more complex because I was dealing with a little kid. I should point out not all oils are safe for kids, and the recommended child safe strengths weren’t eradicating the bacteria.

In an adult I would have had more options, and could push the strengths higher. But everything had to done with safety in mind.

Ultimately I went through about 12 variations while steadily increasing the strength until I found what FINALLY worked.

I FINALLY had a formula that worked!

I stopped the baths, stopped the cryptolepis, and tried my formula. Miraculously the remaining dots didn’t spread.

Not only did the small cluster of dots not spread but they disappeared completely!

I applied the topical formula for seven days just to be on the safe side. When I stopped nothing happened. For the first time in months there were no dots. No redness. No emerging colonies! I had done it! I had the solution!

Months later the infection tried to make a comeback, you see these types of bacteria will likely remain for life, but one quick layer of the topical formula that I now refer to as Lila’s Topical and poof, gone.

Every year there are a few attempts of the infection trying to come back (we are so good at catching it now that it usually is just five to ten dots showing up) and each time the topical takes care of it.

And to this day, many years later, she is completely infection free!

By now many people and families have tried it, and reported similar success.

While no one can guarantee success I can say that this recipe has helped me and several others.

I’ve been told by many that I should charge for the recipe, after all it does have tremendous value.

The truth is I first shared this recipe publicly because I didn’t want anyone out there to suffer needlessly.

I shared the recipe because I knew very few parents had the hundreds of hours to dedicate to experimenting and researching to find a solution.

I shared the recipe because I care.

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I hope this was helpful! If it was please share with anyone who might need this critical information! Thank you for reading!







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A Natural Remedy for Staph Infection and MRSA, A DIY Topical that Works


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