Let me walk you through all the basics needed to understand how antibiotic resistant infections happen, and the options you have available to you. Ready? Let's go!


Bacterial infections are caused by microscopic single celled organisms. The little critters are alive and can reproduce on their own. Bacteria can form colonies on almost any surface, including on you.

Bacteria are everywhere, and most of the time they cause no problems at all. Some types of bacteria are helpful and necessary for our well being, but others can cause dangerous infections. 

When harmful bacteria form noticeable colonies on your body we call it a bacterial infection. An infection can form from something small like a tiny cut, or often after surgery or a broken bone. You can get an infection anywhere on or within your body including skin, eyes, organs, blood, and bone.

In general the most common places for a bacterial infection in on the skin. Bacterial infections within the blood, bone, and organs are considered the most dangerous, but this also depends on the type of bacteria involved. 

Until recently most bacterial infection we're easily eliminated with a series of antibiotics, like penicillin, amoxicillin, keflex, and others.  Unfortunately this reliance on antibiotics and overuse of antibiotics in our food system (like in meat) has contributed to the rise of the "superbug"

WHAT is a "superbug" or antibiotic resistant infection? 

Bacteria are incredibly adaptable, and dare I say behave intelligently. I've worked with enough clients to see how "clever" bacteria can be. These microorganisms are VERY resilient and can develop resistance to a type of antibiotic in just one prescription cycle. 

For example, one client had his bacterial infection swabbed and tested and it was determined the strain was NOT resistant to antibiotics. Great. He was prescribed antibiotics for 10 days and at first got better, but near the end of the 10 days the infection started coming back. Another swab (or culture) or the infection found that these microbes had become resistant to the antibiotics. In plain English, the bacteria became immune to the antibiotics and resumed spreading. 

This scenario is extremely dangerous because modern medicine relies HEAVILY on antibiotics. There is really no other alternative in use in the Western Medical Model. That's where alternative natural options come in, but we'll talk about that later.

Once an infection is "resistant" doctors will try to kill the infection with other stronger antibiotics. These antibiotics have their own side effects and precautions and can actually make your health worse. But if it's a serious infection this could be a matter of life and death and stronger antibiotics may be needed regardless of the potential side effects. 

The rise of super bugs 

Antibiotic resistant infections are increasingly common and pose a massive threat to our society. According to the CDC, "Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest public health challenges of our time. Each year in the U.S., at least 2 million people get an antibiotic-resistant infection, and at least 23,000 people die." 

This is a global problem that threatens every person alive. 

And to make things worse many types of bacteria have already developed resistance including the types that cause pneumonia, UTI infections, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, food "poisoning", strep, and of course staph infections (MRSA & VRSA).

So imagine, you've become infected with one of these sometimes deadly infection, and your doctor has run out of options. 

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WHy are there so few options to treat these infections? 

I could talk all day about how modern western medicine is doing itself and it's patients an unimaginable disservice by relying solely on pharmaceutical and FDA sanctioned "cures". But here are some facts that can help explain why our medical system is more sick care than health care. 

First, let's not grab our pitchforks and attack the doctors who are just doing what they were taught. Most medical programs teach almost nothing about nutrition and how it relates to disease and health.

And in the US there is virtually no training on "alternative" methods of healing like herbal medicine, medicinal use of essential oils, intravenous vitamin C therapy, and nutritional protocols. 

Now let's say, hypothetically, your doctor decided to do his/her own research on the subject. They might start at PubMed (the database for scientific literature and research) and after some hours they might realize the MANY non-pharmaceutical options that have been shown to kill many strains of pathogenic bacteria. Natural substances that can kill MRSA, strep, and many other strains. 

Your doctor might get excited, after all this comes directly from the scientific community (not some witch doctor) and they may even want to consider trying some of these options with their patients.

And this is where the brakes come on. 

You see most MDs are prevented and/or prohibited from recommending anything that isn't FDA approved or sanctioned the many powers that be.

Who are these omnipotent powers that can stand between you and a potentially effective remedy?

Just a few culprits, your doctor's insurance company (malpractice may not cover that herb), their hospital affiliations (stay in their lane or risk losing their hospital privileges), their medical and board associations (again, veer of the sanctioned path and risk losing membership and licenses), and their employers (most big health providers are clear about what is and is not suitable). 

I could go on, but the bottom line is there are options beyond antibiotics and pharmaceuticals. And it's up to you to decide which path to take. 

The Microbiome, a critical line of defense

Everyone has a microbiome, which is made up of the many beneficial strains of bacteria that actually keep us healthy and protect us from infection. Most people are familiar with the gut microbiome (or the good bacteria in your digestive system) but the latest research indicates that every system in your body has a microbiome. 

Your skin, your lungs, even your brain has a microbiome!

Many of these superstar bacteria were passed down to us from our mothers. During natural birth and breastfeeding we are inoculated with our mother's beneficial bacteria. This is KEY to staying healthy. 

We can acquire other types of beneficial bacteria from our foods, like raw honey, raw fermented dairy, raw pickled vegetables like sauerkraut, and traditional fermented foods like kvass and kefir. 

Unfortunately when we take antibiotics it's like dropping a nuclear bomb on our microbiome. Many of my clients ended up with their infection after getting a round of antibiotics for something unrelated. 

What this implies is that they already has the pathogenic (bad) bacteria living on them, but the good bacteria was keeping it under control (kind of like a bouncer) and making sure that the bad guys didn't get out of hand. 

So when the antibiotics destroy your main line of defense it's like opening the flood gates and letting them run free. 

Even any of the bad bacteria survive the antibiotics they will begin to spread unchecked and THIS is often the beginning of these truly dangerous infections. And what happens once you have another infection? More antibiotics! 

Many of my clients come to me after this merry-go-round of infection, antibiotics, infection, antibiotics...they've realized there is no exit off this horrible ride.  


Now that you understand the critical role of the microbiome, it's important to understand what happens when you use antibiotics.  

The destruction of your healthy bacteria can also lead to new problems like yeast overgrowth (like thrush, and yeast infections), fungal overgrowth (like dandruff, jock itch, and foot fungus), as well as leaky gut (where tiny food particles pass through the gut lining causing an autoimmune response) and most commonly eczema. 

Many of my clients are not only battling the infection, but now dealing with new problems from both the infection and the antibiotics. This makes recovery even more difficult. 

So while antibiotic may sometimes be necessary I believe it's better to try natural alternatives that won't destroy one on your main defenses. And if you MUST take antibiotics you'll need to follow it up with an immediate gut healing protocol. THIS is how you get off the antibiotic cycle and encourage long-term healing. 

 But there are other options!

The data is out there and you don't need a fancy degree or a background in molecular biology, you have the power to take back your health and my job is to hold your hand through the process. 

I've spent years researching the science backed options that might be able to give you the advantage over your infection. But there is so much to understand, like how to combine the natural options, how to customize a protocol, how to check for a contraindication (when a natural option isn't safe because of an existing condition or circumstance), how to figure out the ideal frequency and strength of a remedy based on your unique infection. 

You'll also need to understand how to kill the bacteria in your environment to avoid reinfection. Plus how to recover from antibiotics and rebuild your microbiome. 

Luckily you are NOT alone!

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