Go beyond the basics and get the in-depth tips, tools, and protocols I use with my premium clients...but at a fraction of the cost!

It's my passion to help people suffering with bacterial infections because I've been there too! That's why I created the detailed...


Packed full of  my most in-depth information and protocols designed to help you recover faster and stay infection-free.

  • DOZENS of detailed tips, takeaways, and resources to help you TRULY understand exactly how others have recovered from their infections using natural alternatives.
  • The in-depth  4 step recovery roadmap which grew out of my work helping clients recover their health after being diagnosed with serious bacterial infections.
  • My popular topical antibacterial protocol with details on HOW to apply and tweak it for your needs.
  • My targeted internal protocol and how to tweak it for your needs.
  • The best internal antibacterials with detailed instructions on how to take them and how to customize them for your needs!
  • My BIG LIST of 77 ANTIBACTERIAL foods, herbs, essential oils, and supplements with details on how I use my favorites to help people just like you recover.

Or learn even more


you will learn... 

Learn the 4 step RECOVERY ROADMAP that I use with my premium clients to help them recover from infections!

How to go from zero to recovery and transition safely from step to step including helpful checklists and resources.

Get the printable infection tracking sheet to help you take stock of your infection before you start on a protocol. 

Grab the BIG LIST of 77 naturally antibacterial foods, herbs, essential oils, and supplements.

Dozens of tips, takeaways, and resources, from years of research and helping others just like you! Priceless tips to help you recover!

My using Essential Oils 101 designed to give you a crash course in using essential oils safely!

My using Medicinal Herbs 101 designed to give you a crash course in using medicinal herbs.

Get my READY MADE PROTOCOLS designed to give you a solid place to start your DIY recovery.

I'll show you how and when to create your own protocols and what to look for when making changes. 

My tips for working with kids and how to adjust protocols for little ones.  

The CRITICAL STEPS to take so as to avoid reinfection and reduce your chances of a new infection. 

HOW to get started repairing your microbiome so you can start to heal from the antibiotics and boost your natural defenses

Friends, this guide is FULL of helpful information designed to help families understand how to DIY their own healing! 

  • Downloadable and printable 60+ page PDF guide, delivered IMMEDIATELY upon checkout.
  •  Get an in depth bootcamp style help and information perfect for families who don't have the budget for one-on-one coaching.
  • Pairs perfectly with the free video you just grabbed, plus you'll get lifetime access the the free video so you can watch any time.
  • Get your hands on my detailed ready made protocols for both topical and internal use. 
  • Get my FULL list of resources showing you where to buy, and which brands I my tips for dosing.

You can spend months on research, or grab this high value guide from THE expert HEALTH coach in the field!


  • Page 11, the 5 CRITICAL QUESTIONS you should ask BEFORE starting any protocol.
  • Page 14, my favorite TOPICAL antibacterials that I recommend to my own clients.
  • Page 18, almost two dozen detailed tips and takeaways you should know before creating your protocol.
  • Page 23, a printable list of 77 foods, herbs, essential oils,  and supplements that have shown antibacterial properties (along with an attached list of the research for you to sift through).
  • Page 25, how to SAFELY use essential oils for maximum effectiveness while minimizing the likelihood of any side effects.
  • Page 27, my three favorite essential oil companies (and nope they are not the expensive MLM companies).
  • Page 29, learn how to use medicinal herbs properly and where to find detailed instructions on all the available options.  
  • Page 35, get my ready made topical protocol including a printable recipe page for my signature topical antibacterial formula.
  • Page 38, get my ready go-to oral (internal) antibacterial protocol. No antibiotics here, just potent natural antibacterials.
  • Page 40, DETAILED information on the proper use of oregano oil so you can avoid a side effects while getting the full power of this potent antibacterial.
  • Page 42, learn how to adjust dosages in children using a well known formula that herbalists often use.
  • Page 44, how to safely create a totally custom protocol that is unique to you.
  • Page 48, 10 ways to supercharge your efforts by supporting your immune system and avoiding toxins that can make infections worse.
  • Page 56, get a bootcamp style introduction to repairing your microbiome so you can boost your body’s best natural defense against new infections.
  • Page 59, snag my big list of resources to help you get everything you need to recover your health and conquer your infection.

And much more…

Hi I'm Maya!

I'm a Certified Health Coach, Certified (medicinal use) Essential Oil Coach (no MLM or brand affiliations), trained in medical herbalism and dedicated to helping YOU recover your wellness.

I've been a health coach and wellness writer for many years but it wasn't until I personally faced an antibiotic resistant staph infection that I truly understood how dangerous bacterial infections can be.

That's when I started digging deep into natural alternatives to antibiotic resistant bacteria. It took three MONTHS, but I finally found a cure solution (the FDA doesn't like the word "cure" so I'll just call it a solution) for the infection! 

Once I freely shared my findings, it wasn't long before my health coaching became flooded with clients facing a variety of infections, that's when I began to exclusively focus on natural options for antibacterial infections. 

Now, as someone who has been there, I'm so excited to be able to offer a variety of thoroughly researched resources to get you off the antibiotic merry-go-round and get your life back

So please check out the free resources like my Quick Guide to Understanding Bacterial Infections, the Shopping Resources Page, my in-depth free video training Natural Options 101, and my premium resources like my Survive & Thrive Guide.

Much love,


These people have ALREADY recovered

"Maya's wealth of knowledge literally saved my life... when I received a devastating diagnosis Maya's information and resources allowed me to create a healing protocol and since making all the changes I've completely recovered (plus no relapse!). Maya's programs are everything you need to know to bring back your wellness."

Krissy G, Elementary School Teacher and mom of two

"Maya's is so dedicated to her clients it's unbelievable. She has so much knowledge it would take me years to research what she knows off the top of her head. Having her as a health coach has been one the best decisions I've made."

Brad M, Commercial Airline Pilot

"I don’t know where I would be without Maya, well I guess I’d still be Googling all night and completely confused! Maya knows so much about natural antibacterials and this guide is exactly the shortcut I needed to know what to do and how to recover from my MRSA. There is no fluff here, just actionable information and resources to really take back control of your health! If you are on the fence all I can say is just get the guide, you won’t regret it. For the price of a copay you can have the exact steps toward healing. It’s a no-brainer in my book.

~Chris Y, Firefighter


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